About Us

Even though we have been around since 1998, our practices and methodologies keep evolving at an incredible pace. Technology is moving faster and more complex everyday. We do our best to stay on top of it all.

Below is a brief story of how ADVANTEK came into being...

ADVANTEK IT specializes in Securing & Simplifying the business technology used by small businesses. We define small businesses as having 5 to 100 employees and with business assets valued at $500k or more. We consult and advise on the best technology, practices and framework you need to secure your business. We also help you maintain compliance in your business. 

The story really begins with the owner, James LaVine. In 1996, James was working as the director of IT for a fast paced insurance company. As the company grew nationwide so did all the technical issues and unique solutions.

In 1998, a friend at a small law firm challenged him to fix an issue that their existing computer guy said was unsolvable. Taking on the challenge, in hours he fixed what the other techs could not. The law firm asked if James could take over their IT. After agreeing, ADVANTEK was born.

Now, James has over 20 years experience in helping small businesses secure and maximize their IT investment to help businesses like yours to compete and grow in the marketplace. James also in a believer in relationships and has clients from the very humble beginnings of ADVANTEK.

Mission:  Provide technology expertise and advice to business owners in order to help them secure and navigate the fast paced changes in technology. We enable small businesses to secure their data, maintain their technology,  and to grow faster in their marketplace.

Vision:  Secure & Simplify the technology solutions used by small businesses, thereby making them compliant, secure, fast and nimble.

Promise:  Provide insight and advice of how to secure & simplify your IT needs and to provide the technology advice & services you need with reliability.