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"You Do Business, We'll Do The Tech"

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Your Technology Business Solutions Await:

Remote IT Support

You need your business to run smoothly without hassles and hiccups from your tech. You don't have an onsite tech to fix your issues.  No problem. With our fast Remote IT Support, we'll have you fixed and back to work faster than waiting around for a computer support tech to show up at your office "when they can."

Managed IT Services

Your business technology needs to be monitored and managed 24/7. Maintenance and end user support gives you an IT Department without having the hassle of having to hire one. Preventative maintenance, threat management, updates and software patching plus more keep your computers humming and your investment producing.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backups, Backups, Backups! Boring for most, but you need them. Cloud backups, Hybrid backups and Local backups will always save the day.  We'll get you setup, monitor and test them for you. Hopefully you will never need them, but when you do, it could save your business.

Cyber Security‚Äč

You know danger is lurking everywhere and breaches occur everyday. You could even be infected with malware and not even know it. Most issues are caused by human error. We take this threat very seriously and provide a multi-layered approach plus employee training to give you a fighting chance at protecting your business. 

Office 365 & G Suite

Whichever Cloud service you use, we got you covered. From Setup and Migration to Optimizing and Administration.

Business IT Solutions

From Servers, WiFi, Mobile and Printing to Switches, Firewalls and the Wiring Closet. You need it all managed and running smoothly. Connect and get to want you want when you want. Work from Home securely.

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We have plans to fit all sizes and budgets.

ADVANTEK IT believes in putting Humans above Technology. When you work with us, it is about relationship, partnership and trust. We will get to know your business intimately and provide you with all that you need from IT Consultation, Strategic Planning, IT Support and Services, IT Security and Data Backups. We'll even manage your service vendors, if you like, so you can do what you do what REALLY matters to You - BUSINESS.

"You Do Business, We'll Do The Tech"

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