About Us

Do you ever wonder why technology makes your life easier, yet more complicated at the same time? When everything is running smoothly we do not even notice the technology. But, when it is broken, misconfigured or slow, well, that's a different story!  ADVANTEK IT believes that technology in your business does not have to be that way. Our philosophy is "SIMPLIFY" your technology. 

Even though we have been around since 1998, our practices and methodologies keep evolving at an incredible pace. Technology is moving faster and more complex everyday. We do our best to stay on top of it all.

Our Founder and a brief story of how ADVANTEK came into being...


ADVANTEK IT specializes in Securing & Simplifying the business technology used by small businesses and micro-businesses. We define small businesses as having 10 to 100 employees and with business assets valued at $500k or more. We define a micro-business as having 1 to 10 employees. We consult and advise on the best technology, practices and framework you need to secure your business. We also help you maintain compliance in your business. 

The story really begins with the owner, James LaVine. In 1996, James was working as the Director of IT for a fast paced national insurance company. As the company grew nationwide so did all the technical issues and unique solutions. He went on to get numerous certifications like MCSE, MCP Exchange Server, Network Security Engineer, etc.  See his LinkedIn profile for more info.

In 1998, a friend at a small law firm challenged him to fix an issue that their existing computer guy said was unsolvable. Taking on the challenge, in hours he fixed what the other techs could not. The law firm asked if James could take over their IT.  After agreeing, ADVANTEK IT was born.

Now, James has over 22 years experience in helping small businesses secure and maximize their IT investment to help businesses like yours to compete and grow in the marketplace. James also in a believer in relationships and has clients from the very humble beginnings of ADVANTEK IT.

Why Choose us?

You Matter to Us!

From the our humble beginnings PEOPLE not technology have been our primary focus.  We all believe that the people using the technology are the real investment. Our solutions and support are designed to maximize the Human Being to get the most out of their technology.

Your Problems are NOT Just Another Ticket Number!

When you have a problem you don’t want to be assigned a generic number,  you want your problem solved and to know who is solving it.  We bring the human element back to technology by NOT issuing our clients ticket numbers as if they were robotic machines that are to wait in a queue, instead, we talk with people, reply to emails, texts or other electronic messages to let them know how and when their issue will be resolved.

We are Security Focused Inside and Out

Security starts with a mindset.  While the conversation always starts with how we are going to keep out clients secure we take strong steps in making sure the systems we use to maintain yours are protected and locked down tight.  All of our critical systems are protected with two-factor authentication systems and our client data is stored on encrypted systems.  Our constant use of high level security means that it is part of our culture here.  Our deep familiarity with this tech allows us to help our clients in implementing the same security measures in their businesses as well. 

We are Vendor Neutral

Unlike MOST IT providers, we have taken a Vendor Neutral position which allows us to source the best possible solution for our clients without bias.  It might make us unpopular with tech vendors, but we serve you not them.

Better Software Means Faster Results

Our in house software allows our technicians to quickly see the history of work done, save all the information and configuration files from your systems into a nice and organized digital client profile.   For our managed service clients we take it further by automating all of their updates, patches, monitoring desktops, servers, and network with cutting edge automation systems.  Our systems talk to your systems and any exceptions are sent to us for review.   All of this comes together to bring you very fast,  accurate, and effective support.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Serve 1000 small businesses with innovative technology solutions.

Mission: Honor God, serve and protect our clients using technology, and be an excellent tech adviser to our clients.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: The Bible encourages us to make our yes mean yes and our no mean no. Given this, we do what we say we will do and we go beyond that in meeting your needs.
  • Honesty: We tell you what you must hear, even if it is unpopular, in order to make the proper business decisions in regard to technology.
  • Excellence: We are committed to doing our very best in every aspect of every client engagement; Our purpose is to delight you through our superior performance and servant hearts.
  • Innovation: We research and test emerging technologies, bringing to you those that we know will help increase your productivity and profitability. Additionally, we look for new ways of accomplishing tasks, working to save you time and money.
  • Flexibility: We structure our proposals to meet the individualized requirements of your business. And as change happens either in your business or in technology, we adapt to ensure that you have what you need to remain competitive in the marketplace.
  • Humility: We approach every client engagement with an attitude of gratitude and a commitment to do our very best work in every task. Your business is a blessing to our company, our employees and their families. We work for you with glad hearts.

Wonder what life will be like when you choose to work with ADVANTEK IT?

  • Stability - Your computers and network will work.
  • Expertise - We are focused on and specialize in the latest small business technologies.
  • Business savvy - We evaluate, design, and implement technology solutions from a thorough understanding of your business
  • Proactive - Our philosophy is proactive, not reactive. We want to monitor and manage your network, and address them before they become problems.
  • Security - We are security focused and look to protect your business from all the latest attacks.
  • No geek speak - Our technicians speak your language when explaining technology issues, not some foreign tech-speak.

This proven and proactive approach was designed with you in mind. Your business will be more efficient, more effective, and achieve your goals easier by working with ADVANTEK IT.